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"Love, Love, Love"

paramahamsa hariharananda yogacharya don baba Jan 01, 2024

"Love, Love, Love."


"You only want to hear me say one word: 'Love'."


Baba Hariharananda answered my phone call from his room in his residence, in sunny Homestead, Florida, USA.


"Don Baba, You only want to hear me say one word, 'Love', is it not true?"


Yes, it was true. Sitting in my one bedroom apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in the year 2000, taking in my good fortune, just to be able to hear his voice saying the word 'Love'.


I was happy and astonished to be able just for a moment, after so many years, (19 years after our first meeting), to be able to speak to him by phone, and be in his awareness.


My whole body, from head to toe, instantly filled with divine vibration and blissful joy, which I had often felt in his presence many times.


"Ever new, each moment, each breath you are new, God is constantly changing you, making you more divine with each breath.


Each Inhalation, can you not feel it?


You should feel it, this is why you have come here, why you are born, why you have come to Guru, to show you the way, to help you, to teach you, so you can get that state, just now you should believe, perceive, merge with God, merge with love."


"Feel it?"


"The real you, formless, infinite, all pervading".


"No mind, No body, only formless".


"Love, Love, Love".


"Is it not true".