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paramahamsa hariharananda yogacharya don baba Dec 28, 2023


Baba Hariharananda in Karar Ashram Garden, Puri, India

Baba Hariharananda in Karar Ashram Garden, Puri, India


One day at Karar Ashram, the resident Brahmachari's came to Baba and told him:


 "tomorrow we want sweets the whole day or we are leaving!"


Robinarayan (Baba) was the "Bramachari-in-charge" of the ashram at that time and they ate very simple food, because they didn't have money for expensive delicacies and sweets.


The Brahmachari's had seen that at other ashrams, they had more abundant food and many sweets.


Baba had always lived with the philosophy of "plain living , but high thinking".


Now Baba was in some distress, as he didn't have the money to buy the sweets, that the Brahmachari's had demanded and he felt they would surely leave.


That evening Baba prayed to divine mother in his meditation, to help him and surrendered his dilemma to her grace.


Early the next morning he heard a knock at the ashram gate.


Standing outside the ashram's gate was an Indian mother, holding a plate of sweets


Baba blessed the sweets, keeping only one or two, and handed the plate of sweets, back to her as blessed prasad, as was the tradition.


She would not take the plate of sweets back from Baba and stated that,


"Divine Mother came to her last night and told her that Baba needed these sweets, and they are all for you."


Later that day, Baba presented the plate full of sweets, to the Brahmachari's and they were astonished, as they knew he didn't have the money for the sweets. 


Divine Mother had responded to Baba's sincere devotion and heartfelt prayers, and once again saved her devotee.



Baba Hariharananda at the feet of Sri Yukteswar's Samadhi Mandir

Baba Hariharananda at the feet of Sri Yukteshwar's Samadhi Mandir