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"What kind of joy are you getting from sex?"

paramahamsa hariharananda Dec 29, 2023


Baba Hariharananda Kriya Yoga Meditation

Baba Hariharananda Kriya Yoga Meditation


When you study the lives of great souls and realized Kriya yogi's like Yoganandaji and Baba Hariharananda, you can get a glimpse of the depth of joy they existed in and emanated while living.


A story that was shared with me, by one of the original American Kriyabans, George, who was instrumental in bringing Baba Hariharananda to the USA in the 1970's, provides some insight.


George was standing on the beach in Puri, Odisha, India near Karar Ashram talking with Baba.


Baba asked George, "What kind of joy are you getting from sex?"


George replied, "Oh Baba, Oh Baba, I get a lot of joy from sex."


Baba looked at him and picked up a grain of sand from the beach and said:


"You see this grain of sand, that is the all the joy you are getting from sex."


"You see this beach of endless sand extending in both directions beyond the horizon, that is the joy I am getting from God and Kriya Yoga."


We should practice Kriya Yoga with this type of love and our practice should give us this type of love. 


If you don't love what you do and you don't get love from what you do, then why would you continue to do it?


Many seekers stay with a particular teacher or path for years, without ever really experiencing the "marvelous power of God ", (sound, light and formless vibration), as Baba would describe it.


Baba would often ask new seekers to really ask their conscience, if the techniques they may be practicing from another teacher, are giving them this type of joy, 


"Ask your conscience, are you really meditating or simply wasting your time?"


If not, they should learn Kriya Yoga.